Comedian Eric Schwartz (aka Smooth E., aka The Hanukkah Homeboy) joined the Mosho in the studio today. You can check out video of his visit after I write at least 150 words describing what you're about to see. Don't ask me -- it's some kind of company policy or something.

SYNOPSIS: Eric describes his cultural heritage as a "one-fourth step Mexican-American". Eric talks about his recent trip to Indian when his bald head and slight frame caused him to constantly be mistaken for Gandhi.

If you watch the video long enough, you'll also see live in-studio performances of his songs "Lean Like a Gringo" and "Flat Booty Girl" which have millions of views on YouTube.

That's STILL not 150 words?!? Fine. I figure if I just say that I hope you enjoy the video that will take me up to the required number of words required by Townsquare Media.

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