Lots of people say that it's important to get out and vote. That everyone needs to vote. I am not one of these people.

I am a firm believer that a misinformed vote is worse than a non-vote. And I think the vast majority of people are misinformed. Not to say that people are stupid, but honestly misinformed on the issues.

Well, if you can't find a post office, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. And for now, it's looking like there are those people out there who can't figure out where to get a stamp, so they don't vote at all because they can't send in their absentee ballot.

In a recent survey, a focus group showed that that many college students who receive an absentee ballot don't end up sending them in because they are confused by where to get stamps.

“One thing that came up, which I had heard from my own kids but I thought they were just nerdy, was that the students will go through the process of applying for a mail-in absentee ballot, they will fill out the ballot, and then, they don’t know where to get stamps,” Lisa Connors with the Fairfax County Office of Public Affairs said.

Yeah, if you can't figure out the absentee ballot process and how to complete it, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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