Everywhere you look it seems in your daily travels around the Permian Basin-you see HELP WANTED or NOW HIRING signs around every corner and down every street there's a business. I see them too-doesn't matter what type of business it is. So one of two things is happening: Either no one wants to work, or people are applying and no one's getting a callback. I've heard several stories of the latter from people who were definitely qualified for a position, but for whatever reason never got the phone call--and the sign is still up searching. So when you hear those kinds of things-it changes your perspective because you may think no one wants to work-but they can't work unless they're offered a job. And to get there you have to interview.

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One place that I know first hand that interviews and hires people right on the spot at their hiring events--is the Kent Companies. They're serious about bringing in good people to staff their many businesses and locations. So if you're one of those people who's applied and applied with no call backs-stop waiting and go see the Kent Companies. Because they aren't playing games--they're serious about building crews at their locations. Especially the location we were at today at 1609 Rankin Highway--the new Kent Lube. They need a car wash crew and an oil lube crew. Even though the hiring event is over you can still apply. You can be sure they'll at least talk to you if you do. Click HERE to see their openings.

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