I've seen that sign. That's exactly what I said when this Video popped up in my newsfeed. It has to be one of the most famous signs on Social Media. El Arroyo restaurant is located in Austin, Texas and while it's a great Tex-Mex restaurant, it has become a viral sensation for it's marque sign out in front of the restaurant. The sign features funny and clever sayings daily which has produced thousands of memes and such on social media. Here's what I found out about the sign and restaurant.

El Arroyo Sign Has Been Around Since 1987!

Wow, the sign has been around for a while. The restaurant opened up in 1975 and in 1987, they decided they needed a sign up front to draw some attention and to make people smile and laugh.

El Arroyo Sign Is An Old Fashion Manual Sign, NOT DIGITAL

It would be so easy to get a digital sign BUT the charm of El Arroyo sign is that it has the interchangeable letters that someone has to manually put up and spell out.

If You Want To See The Sign In Person...

You can visit the restaurant in Austin, Texas at West 5th and Campbell.

You Can Actually Submit a SIGN SUBMISSION for chance to make it on the sign!

Got an idea for a funny message? You can actually submit one on their website!

El Arroyo Facebook Is The Perfect Place To Get Your Daily Fix of the Sign

You have seen it POP UP on your newsfeed thanks to a meme or post, but if you want your daily fix of awesome funny messages and laughs, their Facebook is a perfect place.

Yes, You Can Order Some Awesome El Arroyo Sign Merch!

From calendars,  candles, car fresheners and more , you will be surprised on how much merchandise they have. Check it out here.

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