As we prepare for the FMX Red, White And Boom, lead guitarist Chris Henderson of 3 Doors down took some time to call in The Midday Meltdown to talk about the rock and roll and their album entitled "Us and the Night."

"Us and the Night" will be the title of the new album and has a September/October/ November release date tentatively.

When I was talking to Chris about rock and roll, he said: "I was listening to Papa Roach with my 13-year-old and 10-year-old they are huge Papa Roach fans and we are listening to the first and second Papa Roach records together, ya know what I mean rock and roll stays around."

We are set for July 4th for our FMX "Red, White And Boom" with 3 Doors Down, Theory Of A Deadman and We are Harlot with special guests.

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