For those of us well endowed men, there are a couple of new products to help you get through life easier with your big penis and huge balls.

Outside of Magnum condoms and medieval cod pieces, there aren't many products targeted at the well-endowed gentleman.  Well, that just changed, there are two new products catering to men who are gifted in their genitalia.

First, according to Mashable, there's a company called Mugsy Jeans that only sells one product:  Skinny jeans with extra room in the crotch for your big hog.  You can order them online at, a pair will set you back about $149.

The guy who founded the company says he came up with the idea because any time he tried to wear tight jeans, "it made my crotch feel like it was in a Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson chokehold."

Second, according to the South Florida Business Journal, the other new product for men with massive junk solves a very different problem.  A guy from Coral Springs, Florida just got a patent on a device that will keep your balls from touching the water when you sit on the toilet.

He invented a little cup that suctions onto your scrotum to keep your balls dry.  He's working on manufacturing it to get it into stores as soon as possible, it's going to be called The Shield.