We got to talking about Pat Robertson, the 700 Club, and a whole lot of craziness this morning on the MoSho. I originally meant to look up what the original cable channels were, but ended up finding out that cable television is actually older than you probably think.

Cable television started all the way back in 1948, with subscription starting the year after in 1949. The claim is cable was started in Pennsylvania to help out people with poor receptions because of mountains and buildings blocking the signal.

The first basic cable network didn't launch until 1976 though, and it was Ted Turner's WTCG, or Turner Communications Group. The second basic cable network was the CBN, or Christian Broadcasting Network, which brings us full circle back to Pat Robertson.

Cable television has been declining since the year 2000, when it peaked with 65,400,000 subscribers. As of December of 2015, the total subscribers was down to 53,223,000.

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