The city says the barbed wire "is only found in a war, prison or battle setting" and doesn't belong in their city's downtown area. The city council of Nogales, Arizona is upset over a new addition to the border wall in the city's downtown area. And they want it removed by the federal government. Back in November, the news broke that the razor wire was going to be installed along about 25 miles of the U.S./Mexico border. Then, this past weekend the Army installed another layer of razor wire along the border in Nogales. The mayor of Nogales says if the federal government doesn't remove the razor wire from their portion of the border wall, they will sue the government.

According to the Military Times, illegal crossings in the border area around Nogales have "dropped steeply" in the past few years. Pictures of the section of the border wall in Nogales show the wall is covered in 6 rows of razor wire. Councilmembers of the city of Nogales say the wire covering the wall is something used see in a "war, prison or battle setting."

Arturo Garino, the mayor of Nogales, asked U.S. Senator Martha McSally about getting the razor wire removed. The authorities have also not answered the city's request for an answer as to why the wire was put up.

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