11 True Crime Documentaries you may not have seen yet.
•The Innocent Man-Based on one of the only non-fictional books written by John Grisham. The story of Ron Williamson, who sat on Oklahoma’s death row for 11 years for a crime he did not commit.
•Long Shot-This one is absolutely gonzo with all the unlikely coincidences. A man almost has a murder pinned on him but raw footage from a popular TV show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” ends up proving his innocence.
•Interview With a Serial Killer-If you’re into interview footage from serial killers this one if for you so it’s already good but the weird mannerisms of this guy coupled with the even weirder moments brought on my hypnosis send it to the top of the list.
•Brother’s Keeper-I can’t flub and say I’ve seen all of this story. I’ve read a little about it but I still need to watch the documentary. However, I’ve heard it worth the watch if you’ve already been through all the other more popular true crime documentaries out there.
•Newtown-A look not particularly at the crime itself but at the community of Newtown, Connecticut and how they dealt with the aftermath of the largest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history.
•The Smiley Face Killers-Basically a documentary about a gang of serial killers.
•Team Foxcatcher-Focused on a man named John du Pont and how he supposedly used his money to help the USA Olympic Wrestling Team, his increasingly bizarre behavior and ultimately his death.
•The Fear of 13-Nick Yarris was convicted of murder and spent 21 years on death row in Pennsylvania and then released in 2004 when DNA evidence proved his innocence.
•Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses-A family ends up killing their loved one after a four day exorcism ceremony….need I say more?
•Shadow of Truth-A four part documentary mini-series that looks into the murder of a Israeli high school girl named Tair Rada, whose body was found in the schools bathroom. Be warned this one is pretty much all sub-titles
•My Brother the Serial Killer-I’m betting the majority of you reading this have never even heard of this guy. Glen Rogers, otherwise known as the “Casanova Killer” was convicted of a series of murders and arsons and just happen to not only take credit for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson (OJ Simpsons ex-wife) and her friend Ron Goldman. Crazy right? Then again when you watch it I promise you’ll either change your mind or at the very least consider the possibility.
Happy Murder Porning!

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