"Job interview" -- the two most exciting words this side of "free WiFi."

Landing a job interview is your chance to show a prospective employer that you're the perfect candidate for the position he or she is seeking to fill. You grab your power tie, shine your shoes and fill up your briefcase with -- well, what do you fill up your briefcase with? You don't have a job, so it's not like you have important work papers in there, right?

Getting the job interview is only half the battle, though. As Wayup CEO Liz Wessel reminds us, there are a pair of no-nos most recent college graduates most commonly make (although there are plenty of other actions to avoid, including stabbing and robbery). The first is you don't follow up after the interview and the second is you don't ask enough questions.

Of course, that's not to say you should follow up in an email and complain that your parking wasn't validated or ask mid-interview where the bathroom is. You need to be thoughtful to show you have what it takes to become the biggest asset to the firm since that big guy in accounting was hired to be a ringer on the company softball team.

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