After taking what I think is the first week off of the After Buzz since it's beginning, we're back this week. And this week I'm joined by Faran Fronczak from El Paso's News Channel 9.

Just before this week's After Buzz I saw an article posted a few times on Facebook from Buzzfeed about secrets from Radio DJs. There are 24 total items in the article, and for the most part I agree with them. But there are others on the list that I don't agree with, or just haven't experienced.

The first one says "There's more to our jobs than just pushing play." While I agree with this one for the most part, I have had a radio job where it was almost less than just pushing play, because I didn't even hit play. It was when I worked for a country station, the computer ran everything. All I did was talk over the intros of songs for 6 to 20 seconds. In the down time of the music playing, I would balance chemical equations. Yup, I'm that nerdy.

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