Batman doesn’t do it alone. Gotham is a big city, and the Caped Crusader has called on a number of trustworthy allies and protégés to help him keep the peace. This time around, we’re putting the spotlight on one of his most popular partners: Batgirl.

Originally introduced in 1961 by Bill Finger and Sheldon Moldoff, the first Batgirl was Bette Kane. While Bette was the first, it was her successor that truly defined the name Batgirl. In 1967, Barbara Gordon donned the now infamous purple tights, and became arguably the most iconic character to don the Batgirl suit.

There have been several Batgirls over the years, each bringing something different to the role, while still upholding everything the name stands for. Barabara has been established over the years as one of DC Universe's elite crimefighters and computer experts. Her return to the role in the New 52 put Babs back in the spotlight, while also giving her a new home and style in Burnside. Cassandra Cain’s portrayal of Batgirl offered one of the most high profile portrayals of an Asian female superhero in comics. While it was a long road for Stephanie Brown's brief tenure, she was the only Batgirl to also spend time under the Robin codename.

With so many different personalities under the cowl over the years, it’s no wonder that cosplayers take to the character with such gusto. Batgirl is a popular go-to for fans, and a common sight on the convention floor. Each cosplayer brings their own flair to the wonderful icon that Batgirl has become; from the colorful ’60s costumes to the sleekness of the Black Bat costume, from Bette Kane to Stephanie Brown, these talented fans wear the mantle with pride. These are the best Batgirl cosplays.


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