I hate driving as it is, but really hate driving with other people in my car. However, there are times when it needs to be done. But mostly for the reasons below that Expedia did a survey on, I prefer to drive solo. Here are the five most annoying things other people do while riding in your car.

  1. Backseat driving - 61% of people said this is the most annoying thing someone else in their car can do. I'm actually guilty of being this guy when a passenger. And I know it's annoying.
  2. Being a bad navigator (11%) - Seriously, how do people still mess this up? You have GPS for crying out loud. The worst is when someone who "knows" where they're going and give crappy directions while in the car.
  3. Hogging the radio (9%) - I'm sometimes open to other people controlling the radio while in my car. But usually I like it at a low volume for conversation. But when I'm alone, crank it up.
  4. Falling asleep (6%) - This I don't really care about. If you want to fall asleep, fall asleep. Just don't bitch about my music.
  5. Taking your shoes off (5%) - Again, I don't care about this. Unless you have funky feet.



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