How great is it to have At the Drive In back rocking audiences once again? The national TV audience got a taste of that last night (May 11) as the group performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The band recently released their in*ter a*li*a album, the band's first release since their highly acclaimed Relationship of Command disc back in 2000. Taking advantage of the platform, the band performed a pair of new songs for the Kimmel crowd, first delivering "Hostage Stamps" for the television broadcast.

Cedric Bixler-Zavala may have aged since the band's breakout success, but the singer is no less of a live wire onstage, bounding about during just about every instrumental break and slinging the microphone around with an impressive looking mic kick. Meanwhile, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez also appeared heavily into the performance of "Hostage Stamps," wailing away on his guitar. The band, dressed all in dark blue pants, shirts and jackets, appeared unified in the raucous performance for the late night crowd. The band recently released an eye-catching video for "Hostage Stamps" that can be seen here.

The group also stuck around to play "Call Broken Arrow," also off the in*ter a*li*a album after the broadcast and the electrifying performance can be viewed below. This time, Bixler-Zavala launches himself off Tony Hajjar's kick drum multiple times and ends up climbing a stack of amps to jump off at the end of the song. Watch it all play out below.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! performance is just a sampling of what you'll get from the live show. The band is in L.A. this week not only for the Kimmel performance but to play a full show at The Shrine Auditorium. After a show in Mexico City, they get a break before another leg of U.S. tour dates in June. The band also has August shows in Europe and dates in Japan and Australia this fall. See all of their scheduled shows here.

At the Drive In Perform "Call Broken Arrow" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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