In our community it isn’t out of the ordinary to hear about a missing person in the news. More often than not our highly capable law enforcement entities find the individuals sometimes the very same day. I think that’s the reason why when that person or persons aren’t found after a few days their story gets forgotten and/or we just assume that they were found. When that doesn’t happen it’s up to us as a community to keep making an effort to toward finding them, for their family and loved ones and for their own safety. I can’t speak for everyone but I personally am very proud of my community and I like to think I do what I can to help when and where I can, however I can. That applies to all the people who live here in our area and for those just visiting as well.
Right now a single father in Odessa is searching for his two teenage daughters, friends and family of a 19 year old from Reno Nevada are hoping the people of The Tall City can help locate their loved one and a man who was working in Monahans will be missing a year next month.
These aren’t the only people listed as missing for this area but I’ll cover that in another blog.
Single father Leonard Martinez Jr of Odessa was in the news last week pleading for the community to help him find his two teenage daughters Esmerelda Martinez age 12 and Kassandra Martinez age 15. They were last seen on July 9th in Odessa, TX. Martinez says on the night they went missing they had an argument about their behavior. He thinks they snuck out of the house around midnight after he woke up to use the restroom and when he went to check on the girls they were gone. He jumped in his truck to look for them immediately but when he didn’t find them within a short time he placed a call to the Ector County Sheriff’s Department. They were reported missing at 4:30 AM.
I spoke with their aunt today who says they have yet to be found but are working with the CFSI (Center For Search and Investigation) Texas for Missing Children, a nonprofit organization, on locating them as quickly as possible.
Esmerelda Martinez age 12 is 4’ 9”, weighs 80 pounds and has brown eyes and long dark brown hair.
Kassandra Martinez age 15 is 5’ 11”, weighs 135 pounds and has hazel eyes and long blonde hair.
If you have any information contact the Ector County Sheriff’s Department at (432) 335-3060 or the CFSI directly at (512) 877-8519, law enforcement case # 18-E3105 immediately.
Chris Sanders was living in a trailer park in Monahans County, working in the oil field when he went missing on August 13th 2017. He and some co-workers were having a cookout the night of August 12th. Reportedly his mother Sandy spoke to him that night and said that he seemed to be acting different. The next morning it is said that he went for a walk around 9:30 a.m. Sandy says her nephew called him about 45 minutes later to find out where he was and Chris reportedly told him that he was walking eastbound on I-20 and then hung up. That was the last time anyone has had any contact with Chris. His camper and truck have been searched by the Monahans Police Department and the only things missing were his wallet and cell phone. Chris is on the maximum dosage of bi-polar medication and it is thought that he may have gone off of it shortly before he disappeared and he did not take it with him when he left. Chris has two teenage sons and many family and friends who miss him and are very concerned for his well-being. There have been no significant leads in finding chris according to the Monahans Police Department and he has not be seen or heard from since and August 13th 2018 will make it a year since vanished.
Chris is described as being 5’11”, weighing about 210 pounds. He has strawberry blonde hair and typically has a full beard and mustache. He was last seen wearing a black shirt with the letters “TCU”, blue jeans and boots. If you have any information on Chris’s whereabouts, please call the Monahans Police Department at (432) 943-3254.

The last time Caitlin Denison’s family spoke with her she told them she was flying to Midland with a man she had just met that her family knows nothing about, not even his name. Her sister Rachael Denison says that it isn’t like her to go this long without talking to them and that is why she says she knows something is wrong. She also says that it only makes it that much more troubling that the last words she remembers her sister saying on the phone was that “this guy makes me scared for my life.” Rachael reported that she met this man in Reno six months ago and then flew back with him to Midland. According to DPS, 19 year old Caitlin Marie Denison was last seen on January 10th.
She is described as being 5”, weighing 120 pounds with blue eyes and blonde hair.  Anyone with information on this case is urged to call DPS at (512) 424-5074 or 1 (800) 346-3243.


Caitlin Denison was last seen wearing a fur vest over a black shirt, black leggings with braiding down the sides of the legs and fur boots.

Teresa Tinsley
Teresa Tinsley

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