Every pump had someone filling up, and someone waiting to go next. You'd think gas was $2 a gallon for as many people as there were getting or waiting TO get gas... And I happen to get in line behind someone who was in absolutely NO hurry to complete her task and be on her way. I can't say exactly WHAT she was talking about on her cell phone, or who she was talking TO--I just know that the conversation was the number one priority and it didn't matter how many folks were waiting in line who had to fill up and get on with their day-be it getting back to work, or getting to pick up a kid from school...

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But you see this kind of thing all the time, and it's not just at the gas pumps. It's in line at the coffee shop, in line at the grocery store, in line at the fast-food restaurant. Cell phones have invaded our space. Remember how nice it was back in the day NOT to have a little electronic leash in our pockets that allowed people to get ahold of us at any given moment at any given time of day? I remember as a child-even as a teenager and young adult before these little gadgets became the norm-being blissfully unreachable by ANYONE and being able to enjoy myself in the moment without fear of being disturbed. Today's kids will never know that peace and tranquility. And they'll also apparently never experience the common courtesy to take care of your business and move along and be considerate of others' time. Here's what I'd say to her if I had the opportunity to go back and do it again:

"Excuse me, Miss-if you wouldn't mind hanging up for a bit so you can finish your transaction--I need to get back to the office for a meeting. I'd appreciate it". I wonder what my response would have been.....

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