Did You know that in Texas (and I'm sure other states but I don't live in other states so...) it is a law, according to The Texas Department of Public Saftey's Driver's Manual, which is the official "law" regarding the meaning of traffic signs, signals, and markings, in section 545.156 (a) On the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle using audible and visual signals..., an operator, unless otherwise directed by a police officer shall:

(1) yield the right-of-way;

(2) immediately drive to a position parallel to and as close as possible to the right-hanf edge or curb of the roadway clear of any intersection; and

(3) stop and remain standing until the  authorized emergency vehicle has passed.

Did you know that was a law? From what I've seen here in Midland in the past few days the majority of the community isn't aware that it's a law, not just a suggestion. The next time you see or hear an emergency vehicle do me a favor, keep in mind that every second counts, pull over and stop, otherwise I'm going to start keeping bags of poop in my car to throw at you guys that don't.

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