Well folks after last night I've decided to call this sad rut that Hollywood movie makers seem to be in the "Season of Sequels".  Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against a good second chapter, and some movies just demand it.  The movies that came out when I was a kid were amazing.  The sequels that followed those movies were just as good if not better in some case.  These days when a sequel to a movie comes out I just automatically assume it's going to blow, and that's an assumption based on the sequels I've seen so far.  I have a far lower opinion of remakes.  I have been deeply disappointed in every remake or reimagining that's come out in the last few years.  Recently there have been two remakes in particular that I let myself get really excited about.  After last night I can honestly say I've finally seen a remake that perfectly parallels the original in the most respectful and celebrated kind of way.  Aliens Covenant was beautiful and thrilling and just absolutely amazing.  I realize my opinion is tainted by the scores of awful remakes that came before but still.....pretty damn good.

No spoilers so don't worry.  In fact all I will say is go see it, you will not be disappointed.

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