You got the ultimate Valentine's Surprise... You had the question popped to you and you said YES! Now what? Short engagement and quick wedding? Long engagement and BIG wedding? Church wedding? Courthouse quickie? Elope and don't waste any more time? LOTS of questions. And honestly, there's no one right answer. It's different for everyone--based on wants and needs and dreams--but also based on finances. Who is paying for the whole thing? Is it being split? You cover some, parents cover some? Does the savings account come into play? Is it all Dad paying for everything? And if so-how much decision power do you have over your own special day vs what expectations are of others? Is that even a factor?

Once all of THAT is figured out--and you know your budget (I mean, you'll need to know that even if you're eloping--gotta buy the plane tickets and book the hotel room) then you can start getting down to the nitty-gritty with planning. A few different ways you can go: Using a Wedding Planner / Coordinator (and there are a few in the Midland-Odessa area), or you can make a master list of the things you'll need to look into and map-out costs. Some of those include:

Deciding who your Maid or Matron of Honor will be, and Groom's Best Man--then asking them.

(We've already told you that a Marriage License in the State of Texas isn't necessary based on old law in the state-click HERE to read all about that if you missed it...)

1. Church or Place for Ceremony and Location for Reception. Book to hold dates.

Barn Wedding

2. Officiant to conduct the Ceremony

Priest at podium during ceremony

3. Flowers for Ceremony that include the altar or stage area, Your Bouquet, Groom's corsage, bridesmaid's bouquets, groomsmen's corsages, and centerpieces for tables at the reception hall. 

Happy bride and groom on their wedding hugging

4. Catering and what exactly you'd like to serve. This can be fun going and trying different dishes together before you decide.

catering wedding buffet events
buffet food

5. Transportation to and from Ceremony and Reception.


6. Beverages. Will you have a dry wedding? Tea and Water? Or are you serving alcohol? Is it a full bar where you cover expenses, or are you just providing a few kegs of beer and guests must pay for their own mixed drinks? A BIG part of the expense here--choose wisely.

Drunk and unconscious businessman lying on a counter
Wavebreakmedia Ltd

7. Cake. What kind--Vanilla? Chocolate? How many layers/tiers? 

Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake
Jeffrey Hamilton

8. Reception Entertainment. Will you have a DJ or a Band? 

Professional DJ at Event

9. Photographer / Videographer. Sometimes one company does both. Just check references and websites for samples to be sure they know what they're doing. Nothing worse than trusting your special day to some amateur who ruins your memories.

Photographer taking pictures the young sexy bride in the studio

10. Saying YES to the Dress and Reserving the Tuxes..... It's last on this list of "To-Do's" because this one takes a little time. Just be sure you're doing all of it at least 3 months before your big day so that any alterations necessary can be taken care of with no stress.

The bride's bouquet

Just some things to ponder as "The Basics". I haven't mentioned the whole "Something borrowed, something blue" stuff yet, or shopping for accessories like the garter... The biggest piece of advice I can share is--PLAN EVERYTHING TOGETHER. Make it a team effort so everyone feels like what they want is what's happening. And guys--if you disagree with something--GIVE IN. You may as well start learning NOW that you are always WRONG. You can thank me later for that.

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