In a recent profile, Robert Pattinson admitted that he will sometimes lie during interviews. (Wait, was that a lie? Was he lying about lying? My head already hurts.) It’s not necessarily a malicious act; Pattinson claimed he mostly does it because sometimes he simply runs out of things to say. Imagine you had to do 200 interviews to promote a movie where you played a glittering vampire. You’d probably get sick of telling the same anecdotes over and over too. There’s only so many times you can describe the incident where craft services got your lunch wrong and gave you an allergic reaction to some shellfish without your soul turning to dust and floating away on a warm summer breeze.

Pattinson’s far from the only star who’s lied in interviews; he’s just the guy who’s honest about it. In fact, deceiving the press is a time-honored tradition in Hollywood. Sometimes stars do it because, like Pattinson, they’re bored out of their minds and trying to entertain themselves. Other times, they’ve been sworn to secrecy about an upcoming project and telling the truth could violate a non-disclosure agreement. Once in a while, there might even be more selfish motives at work.

So while the reasons vary, the 15 actors and actress on the list below all have one thing in common: They all got caught lying to the press in interviews. As to the matter of whether their lies were justified in certain cases, we can only say what these men and women should have said in the first place: No comment.

Actors Who Got Caught Lying in Interviews

Be careful what you say in an interview — it could come back to haunt you.
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