What do you do when you're in the taste lab at a soft drink company and you invent a new flavor that will need to be mass-marketed to the United States, but you don't know what to call it? Pick a name that no one can disprove or challenge. A name that no matter how hard anyone tries-there's really no other source on the planet to compare it to. I'm talking about Coke's newest flavor, "Starlight". So named because it's supposed to "Taste Like Outer Space".  What, you may ask, does Outer Space actually taste like? Well, that is subject to opinion. We could probably ask Buzz Aldrin for his take, and it would probably vary greatly from anyone else's who might happen to take a sip of this new drink.


I met some friends who were coming thru Odessa on a motorcycle trip across Texas today at a Love's Truck Stop Subway and we visited for a bit. It was there that I decided to make my purchase and give this a try. Others around the radio station had already tried it, as I would come to discover after making my trek back to the office after my visit. Every one of them had a different opinion as to what it reminded them of. One common theme was a raspberry taste, but then different directions from there. One said it reminded him of s'mores and he didn't much care for the beverage. Another said it reminded him of marshmallows... All said it had a 'zing' to it that made it fizz... I thought it was just ok and has a weird aftertaste to it. Have you tried it? If not, are you willing to? If you've tried it, post a comment below and tell us what you thought of it. I know-there's nothing to compare it to since none of us average folks know how outer space tastes. But give it a shot anyway. And thanks!

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