Let me be clear on this. If you get summoned to jury duty and you can do... do it! It's your civic duty. BUT, here are some valid reasons to get out of jury duty.

  1. Extreme financial hardship - If your employer won't pay you for the time away and can't afford to not get paid.
  2. Full-time student status - Yes, if you are a full time student, you can get out of jury duty. Especially since jury duty can make you miss a bunch of classes.
  3. Having strong opinions - Seriously, this is a valid reason. If you tell them always side with the police, or on the flip side believe the police are always wrong, they don't want you on a jury.
  4. You recently moved - Lisa actually ran into this one. If you move and are no longer in the county where the trial will take place, you can get out of jury duty.
  5. Surgical/Medical reasons - You will need a doctor's note if you're claiming this one however.
  6. You already served - If you've already served on a jury in the previous two years, this counts. But you will have to prove when and where.
  7. Motherly things - Being pregnant, breastfeeding, or just being the sole provider of child care can get you out of jury duty. Family first.

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