Happy Thanksgiving! A time to be thankful for so much that we have and a time to be thankful that we don't RUIN the Thanksgiving Dinner! I'm not going to lie. One of the most stressful moments for me is when I'm asked to transfer the cooked turkey from the cooking pan to the serving plate. Why are those 10 seconds so stressful lol ? I mean the turkey is done and smells awesome but NOW I've got the most important job of the day...to NOT drop the turkey! Thankfully, I have always been successful, knock on wood, but these people were not so lucky.

There are a lot of videos with deep frying turkey fails, but these are not those. These are people who either dropped or burnt their turkeys in the oven or grill. Here are 5 Disastrous Times Someone Dropped Or Burnt The Thanksgiving Turkey!

1. Man Drops Turkey While Taking It Out Of Oven

Why does this video make me mad! LOL Was it really that hot? Need to buy some better OVEN mittens or something. I love the fact that they just look at that poor turkey on the floor. Has no one ever heard of the '5 second rule', pick that bird up!

2. Guy Takes Turkey From The Oven Straight Out The Window

This video looks old school. But, why oh why did the guy take the turkey to the window. I don't get what he was trying to do. It's almost like he was going to sit it on the window sill. The reaction from the guest says it all.

3. Mom Drops The Turkey ON The Floor!

This right here is the typical dropping of the turkey while transferring it. The worst fear of them all. Mom's YELL says it all! And, the turkey isn't the only thing that hits the floor!

4. Guy Burns Turkey On The GRILL!

I have never seen a TURKEY cooked on the BBQ grill, until now! Wow , this is ALL WRONG. Favorite part of the video is when you hear the wife say "It's still EDIBLE!" LOL

5. Turkey Fire In The Oven!

This looks scary. Talk about fire hazard. You know it's bad when yo hear someone yell "We need a fire extinguisher". Yep, never a good sign.

Stores Open On Thanksgiving

Stores Open On Thanksgiving 
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