Last night on Yellowstone you saw ranch hand Jimmy get dropped off at the 6666's ranch in Texas. Sometimes in TV shows, you wonder if these places are really where they say they are. This one really is. The 6666's ranch is located 95 miles east of Lubbock

"In last Sunday's episode of Yellowstone John Dutton sent Jimmy with horse trader Travis Wheatley to deliver him to the 6666's Ranch in Texas. Unlike the Yellowstone, the 6666's is the actual name of a 142,372-acre ranch in Guthrie, Texas. It was on the market for $192,202,200 until Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan, who plays Travis on the show, recently bought the Texas ranch." Ray Emery with Keuka Lake and Land The ranch was listed with CSM and Son LLC and is currently under contract.

6666's Ranch

6666's Ranch



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