The Beatles who, if you're not familiar with them, were kind of like the One Direction of their day, did their last performance on this date back in 1969. The following video is about the best quality I've ever seen of the now iconic rooftop performance.  AND, it's the whole thing!

Here are a few factoids about the concert:

The fur coat John is wearing is actually Yoko's. It was 45 degrees in London that day. You can also see Ringo wearing the red overcoat that belonged to his wife, Maureen.

Before that day, the last time the Beatles had performed in public together was two years early on August 29th, 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

The Beatles had considered doing their final "show" at the pyramids in Egypt or at a Roman amphitheater in Tunisia. Eventually, they decide to do it on the roof of their own record company for convenience's sake.

While singing "Get Back" Paul improvises lines reflecting the unfolding situation: "You've been playing on roofs again" and "She's gonna have you arrested" as London police showed up to shut things down.

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