After more than two decades Animaniacs is on it’s way back to the good ole boob tube.  Animaniacs is getting a reboot, in case you haven’t heard.  You can check out the new trailer on HULU right now.  As with all remakes and reboots from the glory days of television that we all love and cherish, I was skeptical but so far from what I’ve read we might be ok.  First things first, gotta make sure we see the original cast and I’m happy to report that we’re good on that end.  Yakko, Wakko and their sister Dot have all sold out…. I mean agreed to return.  This show happens to be one of the late, great (and by late I mean that he no longer graces the air waves with his very own special kind of radio ridiculousness) Doc Browns favorite show.  He loved it when he was a kid and he can be found watching it at various times during the week as well.  It’s the only cartoon type show that he will watch with my 11 year old and NOT fall asleep.  The show has always made been good at raising eyebrows by combining kid-friendly education and goofy slapstick with some more adult-friendly humor and social commentary sprinkled in.  The teaser itself throws some shade at the concept of the reboot portraying the Warner siblings taking a big ole pay out from  Hulu.  The show touches on stuff like iPad puns, Trump, Mansplaining, Beyonce jokes and much more.  Rob Paulson is back voicing Yakko Warner and Pinky, Tress MacNeille as Doc Warner, Jess Harnell as Wakko Warner and Maurice LaMarche as the Brain so it should be better than expected from a reboot.  The show is set to debut on Hulu November 20th

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