If my friend hadn’t bailed on a weekend trip we were planning to take I would never have realized it was mother’s day weekend this weekend! Wow, I’m getting dangerously close to ordering some gikobaloba.

This friend of mine that bailed was talking about how her husband probably wasn’t going to do anything for her for mother’s day anyway since in his words it’s a “made up” holiday.  Yeah…. EVERY holiday is made up guys! That’s right, every single one of them started because a group of peeps were like “Hey…. We should totally party again this time next year” and everyone was like “HELL YES PARTY!”, and the rest is history.  So when I hear someone using the logic that a holiday is just made up in order to not have to put any thought, effort or money into it I get super pissed.

Men, there is NO excuse not to do something nice for any of the women in your life that happen to hold down the fort as the mother.  That means any woman who’s talking on motherly duties.  She deserves a show of appreciation, not just on Mother’s day but every day.  Mother’s day is just a way to set aside some time officially to make it a point to let her know that her family appreciates all that she does.

The biggest thing I hear is that it’s hard hook mom up when you’re broke. Hey, I get that but you’re still not off the hook.  If anyone knows how to make a dollar count it’s me so here is a simple Mother’s Day for every budget cheat sheet.

Let me say first and foremost that the best gift will be something that comes from the heart, something that consideration, time and effort was put in to.  That could mean getting the kids together and making mom something she can cherish forever, or it could mean cleaning the whole house top to bottom while she watches her favorite show on Investigation Discovery (which by the way costs nothing), the point is something that thought was put into will always be a winner winner chicken dinner…mmmm chicken dinner is a good idea too! Anyway, check out the list and pull the trigger, oh and most importantly DON’T FORGET THE CARD!!!! No matter what if you do nothing else do not forget the card.



(I used Amazon for a good bit of this stuff but you can find these things at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Walmart, Target…you get the idea)

Is this a fit mom? SWEET! They’re the easiest! Hook her up with a cool Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottle for 15 bucks, heck I’m not a fit mom and even I want one of these! Infuser bottle

or how about some LED bike wheel lights for when she rides her bicycle in the evening or early morning? This will get you extra points because it’s cool and it shows you’re concerned for her safety.Bike lights

How about the mom that likes to sit back with big girl drink and get lost in whatever true crime show she can find on ID, here's just rhe thing. Insulated tumblers

Or any of these…..




Mother's Day Macaroni Art

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