Ever wonder what the top paying tops in Midland are? As you can probably guess may of the top paying jobs are geared around the oil field. The salary and the employment information in Midland, TX is computed from data published by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in April 2021 [1]. The highest-paying occupations do not stay the same every year. Table 2 through Table 4 show the top 10 highest-paying occupations in Midland, TX for 2019, 2018, and 2017;


In 2017 the top paying job was, Family and General Practitioners at $171,830.  In 2018 it was Geoscientist at $163,230. In 2019 it was Marketing Managers at $163,700.  These jobs listed below are based off numbers released in April of 2021.

According to USA Wage the top earning jobs are:

20. Natural Sciences Manager $133,560

19. Information Security Analyst $114,590

18. Computer Programmers $ $115,930

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17. Sales Engineers $115,980

16. Petroleum Engineers $120,330

15. General and Operations Managers $122,260

14. Nurse Practitioners $122,370

13, Physician's Assistant $124, 020

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12. Financial Manager $124,400

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11. Purchasing Managers $126,890

Top 10 

10. Engineers, All Other  $127,080

9.Sales Managers $140,780

8. Pharmacists $143, 080

7. Chemical Engineers $144,500

6. Computer and Information Systems Manager $148,170

5.Lawyer $148,920

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4.Geoscientist $154,740

3.Architechtural and Engineer Managers $160,400

2, Marketing Managers $169,300

1. Chief Executives $191, 860

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