Driving in West Texas is not a commute, it's an adventure! But can you tell when someone has learned to drive here versus somewhere else?

Here are 15 signs you learned to drive in Midland/Odessa.

  • 1

    The left lane is not the passing lane, it’s the lane for aspiring race car drivers and people who are late.

  • 2

    You have no idea why you were forced to learn how to parallel park, you’re just going to park across the street in the dirt anyway.

  • 3

    Waving when someone lets you in is absolutely required.

  • 4

    You think you are the only one who knows how to drive in the rain.

  • 5

    Any amount of snow means it’s likely the entire town will shut down, on the rare occasion we a massive amount of snow/ice instead of staying home as your local radio personalities and news anchors have advised  you will find an asinine reason to needlessly drive in road conditions you are not equipped to handle….and end up in a ditch.

  • 6

    You know the real speed limit is 5 miles higher than whatever is on the sign, unless there’s a speed trap.

  • 7

    When parking you’ll chose shady over close every time…. Cause third degree burns from leather seats are a real thing in west Texas.

  • 8

    If you learned to drive in Midland/Odessa or another smaller surrounding town, driving in Dallas will instantly rock your world and give you high blood pressure.

  • 9

    Green means go, red means stop and yellow means “FLOOR IT!”

  • 10

    Road construction of any kind on 191 between Midland and Odessa means losing all sense of morality, law and self-preservation instincts.

  • 11

    Road workers have no fear and you feel no need to reward their behavior by observing the rules of the road or the many warning and caution signs they’ve set up for their safety.

  • 12

    Forming a line out of the parking lot, into the road and down the street at Rosa’s is common place.

  • 13

    School drop offs and picks ups have their own set of confusing rules and no one knows them for a few months accept that snooty little tattle tale Nancy… “SCREW YOU NANCY!”

  • 14

    If a parking lot is empty the lines mean nothing.

  • 15

    Cutting people off often means certain death.

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