If you are like me and don't understand the over and under and the point spread and all that stuff but you want something fun and easy to bet on here are 10 side bets you can bet on this weekend.

1. What color of liquid will be poured on the winning coach. The favorite is red by 40%, followed by yellow.

2. WIll Snoop Dog Smoke something during the halftime show, odds are no!

3. Will Eminem have to be bleeped? The odds say yes. The real question if you are playing the over and under is how many times will he have to be bleeped.

4. Speaking of the halftime show, will there be a wardrobe malfunction, odds highly say, no.

5. Will any scoring drive take less time than it does to sing the National Anthem. Odds are that Mickey Guyton will sing the anthem in one minute 38 seconds. It is possible to do but the odds on favorite is "yes" by 71%.

6. Will either kicker hit the hit when kicking and missing a field goal or an extra point? Odds say, no.

7. Will someone leave the game due to concussion protocol and not return ? We hope not, the odds say no, thank goodness. I am glad no one is betting on a concussion.

8. How many times will the chains be brought on the field to measure, the over/under 1.5, but the under is favored.

9. Who will the MVP thank first when he accepts his award? The odds on favorite are his teammates, followed by no one, and God third.

10. Last but not least, we can't leave out the commercials, how many commercials will feature dogs? The line is at 6.5 and the odds favor the under by 57%.

If you are betting good luck.  I think I'll just keep my money and play it Vegas at slot machine myself. LOL

Seth Love


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