With the X-Files back on TV, it felt about time to give some random facts about the show. And in case you're wondering, I've watched both new episodes so far, and it's worth watching.

  1. Take a close look at the badges, they say the Federal Bureau of Justice. Even for a TV prop, it's illegal to make a fake FBI badge.
  2. Gillian Anderson had a clause in her contract that prevented her from playing Clarice Starling in Hannibal. She was so good at playing Agent Scully, that her contract had a clause that prevents her from playing another FBI agent.
  3. Yes, there is a rock connection to the X-Files. Richard Patrick, of Filter, is the brother of Robert Patrick, who played Agent John Doggett, or T-1000 if you prefer a Terminator reference. Filter's songs have also been featured on the X-Files soundtracks.
  4. Not unlike many successful TV shows, the X-Files had some cameos from actors who went on to become well known. Like Jack Black and Luke Wilson.
  5. Lots of actors auditioned for the role of Mulder. Including Bruce Campbell, Adam Baldwin, Dean Cain and Lou Diamond Phillips.
  6. The crucial plot point of Scully getting abducted? Only written into the series because Gillian Anderson got pregnant. Some network execs wanted to actually changed actresses for the role.
  7. Gillian Anderson spent a lot of time standing on a box while filming. This is because she is just over 5 feet tall and 10 inches shorter than Duchovny.
  8. The Smoking Man was only supposed to be a one off role. But show creator Chris Carter was so impressed by the acting of William B. Davis, he kept him around, making him a central character.
  9. The theme song was created by accident. Composer Mark Snow just happened to lean his elbow on a keyboard that the "echo" function turned on. He liked the creepy vibe of how it sounded, so he used it to create the theme.
  10. Both Anderson and Duchovny stepped behind the camera at some point to direct episodes of the X-Files.

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