Get ready for one of the most surprising cover songs you'll hear all week! At a Breaking Benjamin show in Nashville, Tenn., frontman Ben Burnley took the spotlight on center stage with his acoustic guitar. Noting two Korn legends in the crowd, he felt inspired to bust out a tribute to his idols with an aggressive rendition of "Clown" off their debut record.

Addressing the audience, Burnley explained how much of an honor it was to have a friendship with Fieldy and Brian 'Head' Welch. Having been a Korn fan before forming Breaking Benjamin and feeling grateful for Korn helping his band find success, he said, "I just want to show my love and I want to play this song for two heroes of mine that are in this house tonight."

The crowd roared after the brief speech and again when Burnley started strumming the familiar chords to "Clown." As you can hear in the fan shot video above, Burnley adopts an aggressive voice similar to Jonathan Davis and the acoustic element adds to the psychotic duality of Korn's music.

Burnley had a chance to meet Fieldy and Welch at the show and he posted a photo with them on his Instagram site that can be seen below:

Breaking Benjamin will follow-up their U.S. tour with a first-ever trip overseas to Europe at the end of May to promote their 2015 disc Dark Before Dawn. Pumped for the trek, the group said, "Breaking Benjamin is excited beyond words to finally be going to Europe, we want to give a huge thanks to all of our fans who have eagerly awaited the band overseas and have supported us through all these years! We also hope to welcome many more Breaking Benjamin fans to the family... See you out there!!! ROCK ON!!!"

Breaking Benjamin European Tour Dates

5/29 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg (The Max)
5/30 – Berlin, Germany @ Huxley’s
6/6 – Zurich, Switzerland @ X-Tra
6/7 – Milan, Italy @ Magazzini Generali
6/12 – Donnington, U.K. @ Download Festival
6/14 – Hamburg, Germany @ Docks
6/16 – Minsk, Belarus @ Sports Palace
6/17 – Moscow, Russia @ Stadium Live
6/18 – St Petersburg, Russia @ A2
6/20 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Debaser Medis

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