Have you ever applied for a job thinking "wow this sounds like a great job" only to find out it was something with an over elaborated title for a normal job?  Here are 10 over exaggerated names for rather normal, everyday jobs.

The Daily Mail has the results of a new poll that asks "what is the most ridiculous job title you have heard for a less glamorous job?" This was the 10 best ones.

  1. "Media Distribution Officer" - Paperboy
  2. "Highway Environmental Hygienist" - Street sweeper
  3. "Transparency Enhancement Facilitator" - Window washer
  4. "Talent Delivery Specialist" - Recruiter
  5. "Sanitation Engineer" - Garbage man
  6. "Public Waste Technician" - Toilet cleaner
  7. "Mobile Sustenance Facilitator" - Food truck worker
  8. "Communication Executive" - Call center worker
  9. "Gastronomical Hygiene Engineer" - Dishwasher
  10. "Color Distribution Technician" - House painter

What would you call your job to make it sound more elaborate? Comment below.