For those of you on the dating scene, here are a few things you should never say to the girl you are dating if you want to keep dating her.

Here are the top 6 according to Betty

  1. "Are you really going to eat ALL of that?"  You might as well just call her fat.
  2. Who's your friend?"  Even if you are being polite and just asking, it will come off as you hitting on her friend or thinking her friend is hotter than her.
  3. "You're crazy."  This is better for after you have established your relationship but when you are still dating, that is a very degrading comment.
  4. "Can I kiss you?"  Just do it, confidence is more sexy to a woman than asking, even if its just to be polite.
  5. "But the game is on."  Most women understand men and sports but when it becomes a constant excuse to keep from doing something, she will get annoyed.
  6. "Are you ready yet?"  Keep in mind the reason she is taking so long is to look good for YOU.

Keep these in mind as you are dating and the relationship may last longer than if you use any or all of these phrases regularly.