What's going on?

The cat did it!
I have seen my cats do some interesting things.  I have a cat who "high Fives", usually when he wants something.  This cat got his owner in trouble with the girlfriend
How are you ringing in 2018?
Most parties are formal.  Bars have a high cover charge.  No parties or bars wanted to partner with 99.9 K-BAT.  What's up with that?
Linus, Buddy and I will be grilling out.  We are accepting reservations!
A great way to see the Christmas lights
I haven't seen much in the way of Christmas lights.  I think I am just in the wrong areas?
I saw there is a flight service that will take you up to see the lights from a plane
Are you afraid of heights?
I was walking to my car this morning.  On the backside of the parking lot is a City of Midland water tower
Maybe a fake tree is better?
I once tossed a spent Christmas tree in a fire.  I was burning trash.  It amazed me what happened.
She had a bad nic fit
I am so glad I never took up smoking.  Not sure why anyone would?  This woman should try the patch, at least before flying.
Beware of the "Zombees"!
It got my attention, a California Doctor is in the basin to discuss several things, including bees.