What's going on?

How are you ringing in 2018?
Most parties are formal.  Bars have a high cover charge.  No parties or bars wanted to partner with 99.9 K-BAT.  What's up with that?
Linus, Buddy and I will be grilling out.  We are accepting reservations!
A great way to see the Christmas lights
I haven't seen much in the way of Christmas lights.  I think I am just in the wrong areas?
I saw there is a flight service that will take you up to see the lights from a plane
Are you afraid of heights?
I was walking to my car this morning.  On the backside of the parking lot is a City of Midland water tower
She had a bad nic fit
I am so glad I never took up smoking.  Not sure why anyone would?  This woman should try the patch, at least before flying.
Beware of the "Zombees"!
It got my attention, a California Doctor is in the basin to discuss several things, including bees.
No degree, no problem
I found a list of the top 10 jobs for 2018, where a degree is not needed.
Not legal, even in Texas
I am always seeking humor.  It's better than the opposite.  Funny video. Maybe "odd" is a better description?
Your favorite Christmas candy?
Around the holidays, I'm thinking more chocolate and cookies.  Each state's most popular Christmas candy is listed on this map
Work perks many of us don't get in the US
You've likely heard of some of the ways businesses operate in Europe and Asia, that are different in the US.  More time off, shorter work weeks and work days, etc...