If you are going to go to a "happy ending" massage parlor, make sure the parlor is not across the street from your wife's yoga studio.

According to NorthJersey.com, a woman in Rutherford, New Jersey was at a yoga studio, doing yoga, when she saw her husband on the other side of the street and watched him go into a spa above a Chinese restaurant.

When her yoga class was over, her husband still hadn't come out, so she went over to investigate.  When she walked into the spa, she found out the masseuses were giving "happy endings" to clients.

She called the cops, and we don't know what happened with her and her husband after that, but we're guessing their marriage isn't particularly solid right now.

An undercover cop ended up going into the spa a few days later, and when the staff offered him their sexual services, he busted them.  The two women in the spa jumped off the roof from one story up, but other cops arrested them when they landed.

The two ladies from Palisades Park, New Jersey were both arrested for prostitution, resisting arrest, and operating without a license.