Georgia police were sent to a residence to arrest a suspect for probation violation and found a house full of rabbits.  

Cops were looking for 47-year-old Dena Guevara for a probation violation charge and found the home she was sharing with her husband Louis Massood and their 9-year-old son to be "more alarming" than the crime they were investigating.

The arrest report states that the couple claimed to be rescuing bunnies, but officers found the residence did not have adequate food or water for the animals.  They stated the home also had a "strong odor of ammonia/urine..." as well as "...copious amounts of rabbit feces...on the ground, beds, couches, counters, and throughout the house."

Police found rabbits loose all over the house and the couple did agree to part with over 80 rabbits, which were taken to legitimate shelters.  Investigators couldn't conclude that there were not more hiding in unseen places in the dilapidated house.

The couple was charged with animal cruelty, and Guevara was charged with drug possession and obstruction of justice.