My favorite time of the year is upon us...FOOTBALL SEASON!!!  After an entire Sunday of games and seeing a couple of games go into overtime, I am still not sold on the new overtime rules.  Call me "old school" but I am still a fan of "sudden death" overtime where the team that does not win the coin toss after regulation has to make sure their defense does its job so they can have a chance to get a drive going so they can kick the winning field goal or score a touchdown.  Now with the new overtime rules both teams have the chance to score before the overtime period is over.  In theory this is a better way but I live in Midland/Odessa and not in this magical "theory" place and I want sudden death overtime back.  It's prob not gonna happen, so I have to live with it as it is, but at least it is not like college overtime where teams start on the opponent's 25-yard line.