There is now hope for all the guys who have lost that most important body part in an accident.

According to the New York Daily News43-year-old Mohammed Abad of Edinburgh, Scotland was hit by a car when he was six.  He was dragged more than 600 yards and his genitals were ripped off in the process.

Now, 37 years later, the technology is finally ready to make him whole again.

A team of doctors at University College London just successfully gave Mohammed a "bionic penis".

It's totally functional so he can pee and have sex just like anyone else and it's a solid eight inches.

When he wants to get engorged, he just hits a button and the bionic penis springs up.  When he's done, he presses the button again and it deflates.

It's so sophisticated, he is able to get a woman pregnant with it.

Mohammed is divorced and he says his new ability to potentially have kids is, "a miracle."