Apparently they have run out of things to do in Australia.

According to ABC Australia, an unidentified man, for obvious reasons, decided to spice up he and his partner's love life by playing a sexy game of naked hide-and-seek.

But instead of finding a sexy place to hide, like under the sheets or in a tub filled with bubbles, they took it a little too seriously and the man decided to hide in the washing machine.

The unidentified man got stuck in the washing machine and his boyfriend had to call for help.

Firefighters, police, and paramedics eventually showed up to help free him.  To do so, they decided to rub his body down with olive oil.

After freeing the man, one police spokesman commented that it would have actually been more difficult to get him out if he had clothes on.  "I guess if [you're] going to get into a washing machine, it's best if [you] have no clothes on."