Labor Day this year is on Monday, September 1 meaning many of us have the day off and some stores/businesses will be closed. If you have family in town or just want to see what is and isn’t open on Labor day in Midland and Odessa, here is our list!

Banks: Closed

Post Offices: Closed

Libraries: Closed

Courthouses: Closed

City Offices: Closed

YMCA: Closed

Grocery Stores: Open

Most Retail Chains: Open

625 W. Pool Road in Odessa


1412 West Ohio in Midland

(432) 685-1112

1705 W. Missouri Ave. in Midland

(432) 683-2882

4511 N. Midkiff Drive in Midland

(432) 694-1664


4101 E. 42nd Street in Odessa

(432) 550-2483


4715 Billingsley Blvd. in Midland

(432) 697-0784

4642 E University Blvd. in Odessa

(432) 368-1881