Dumber Than Zane trivia is a Free Beer & Hot Wings staple and recently, a man from Odessa won $500 by playing!

Last week, Justin Fallin took part in the trivia contest and won $500. It was after winning BS Trivia on KBAT that he was selected among the national competitors to face off against Zane! Take a listen to him reacting to him being picked and how this father of two schooled FBHW on how oil wells here in the Permian Basin really work.

The next day, Justin woke up early to see if he knew more than Zane and win $500. It was an interesting battle with some questions even baffling us! Here's the full competition!

If you want to be the next one to face off against Zane and possibly win even thousands of dollars, make sure to listen to KBAT during the lunch hour for Free Beer to give you the cue to call to get registered for Dumber Than Zane Trivia.