Last night I was smoothing out the details about my boys coming to Texas to spend the summer with me when their Mom said they have a cell phone and will text me. So it started me to think about how young is too young for a cell phone.

Don't get me wrong: I support the decision of their mom and stepdad to give them a phone. It doesn't have a data plan, just an unlimited talk and text plan on a basic flip phone.

I think that if you as a parent think that your child is responsible enough to have a cell phone, then that is totally cool.

What I don't agree with is seeing some of these children with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The boys are 9, and I can't wrap my mind around them having any type of social media account because the world of the internet is a pretty awful place.

The internet has given a voice to some of those who just don't have anything nice to say. We all know a troll or two that just isn't very happy with either who they are or what they are, so they feel the need to take out their aggression on online strangers.

We also can't forget about the predators that are out there. That's all that needs to be said about that.

Pornography is at the touch of a screen, and if your child has a cellphone that can connect to wi-fi, then they can jump on and be thrown into a world where anything and everything is a possibility.

I'm just saying this: be very mindful when it comes to your children and cellphones.

As I said, my boys are 9 and they are texting now and can make a phone call whenever they want. That's pretty scary, but communication with parents is a must with that type of privilege.