Someone out there right now is thinking how cool it would be to buy everything from the "12 Days of Christmas" this year, so here is information about how much it will cost you if you decide to do it.

According to Consumerist, PNC Financial has just put out its annual study on the cost to buy everything from the song.

This year it would cost $27,393.17.

That's up 7.7% from last year's figure of $25,431.18.

But that figure is only if you buy everything once.  Technically, if you go by the song, everyday you have to re-buy everything from the previous days.

So if you follow it that way, the cost is now 114,651.18.

The cost increase this year comes form a 10% rise in the price of hiring 10 lords-a-leaping.  Apparently men who can jump are at a premium right now.

Also the price of four calling birds is up 15.4% and nine ladies dancing is up 20%, wonder if that increase is because of strippers' tips being up in the Permian Basin because of the boom?