Two men, one in Indiana, the other in West Virginia, both get charged with assault and battery after game night at their places goes bad.  

The Indiana man, 21-year-old Victor Ramirez II, was having a game night of Monopoly with friends when he became enraged at a friend that became upset over his dog walking across the game as they were playing.

According to the Valparaiso News, Ramirez bashed his friend in the face with a wine bottle after the friend told him to get his dog off the board.  He did not pass "Go" and went directly to jail.

Meanwhile in West Virginia, a man was arrested after he took his game night too seriously and accused his wife of cheating and allegedly hit her with a chair.

Martinsburg police arrested Michael Morris Barbour on one count of misdemeanor domestic battery, according to the Journal-News.  According to Barbour's wife, she and her husband had another couple over to play a board game, but the couple left after Barbour "kept freaking out" about the way the game was being played by his wife.

There is no word on what game they played that caused the violent outbursts.