Here are some random facts for you to digest on a Friday Eve, or what the rest of the world calls Thursday.

  1. Cows with names produce about 62 gallons more milk per year.  Research shows that cows react well to being treated with care and love, and people who name their cows generally treat them with more care and love.
  2. Snapple's Apple Juice has no apple in it.  The company uses pears to simulate the taste of apple.
  3. Iowa and Mississippi are the only 2 states that have never had a female governor, senator, or member of Congress.
  4. Your dog causes more pollution then an SUV.  That's based on the energy it takes to produce enough food to feed a dog in its lifetime.
  5. Hugh Heffner has to pay rent at the Playboy Mansion for the area he lives in and uses for parties.  His rent is about $110,000 a month or about $1.4 Million ever year.

Enjoy those Random Facts and have a great weekend.