Here are your five random facts for Friday and on into the weekend.

  1. According to Female First, the average person checks their phone 103 times a day, the first time is at 7:14 A.M., the last time is at 10:42 P.M.
  2. According to Livescience, politicians who drop a few swear words are actually more likely to get elected than ones who don't, but if they say too many, it makes their chances of getting elected worse.
  3. According to Vox, Illinois, Wisconsin, and North Dakota have more bars than grocery stores.
  4. According to PBS, Nolan Bushnell is the inventor who created the video game "Pong," founded Atari, and founded Chuck E. Cheese.
  5. According to Wikipedia, Bill Nye got his start on an animated "Back to the Future" series in 1991.  It featured live-action segments where he would do experiments.  The show failed, but he was able to spin off "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" and get his own show.

There are your random facts for the weekend.