A realtor in New York City is offering his employees a good incentive, a 15 percent raise,  to get the company's logo tattooed on them.  

Rapid Realty's company president Anthony Lolli, is not only offering the 15 percent raise for the ink job, but is also covering the cost of the tattoo as well.

According to WCBS-TV, the company has set no size restrictions and so far 40 employees have taken the company up on its offer.

The idea stemmed from an employee who had voluntarily gotten the company logo tattooed on himself.  The logo is a green bridge spanning and interlocked double "R."

Lolli explained he quickly repaid the employee for his loyalty, and announced he would make the same offer other workers who would do the same.

Would you get your company's logo tattooed on you for a raise and a free tattoo?