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    I have the most rockin' mom in the Permian Basin because anyone who comes to my house feels totally at home. She's NEVER not been there for any single person who needed her. She puts everyone's feelings above her own, and puts hers on the back burner. She's adopted a young baby, who wasn't going to have a good life, and has given him that chance and she raised five beautiful kids, making them into the amazing people they are today. She definitely rocks my socks.

    KBAT Mother's Day 1
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    She has worked her butt off all my life and has always been here for me no matter what! So to show her some love, I took her to see our favorite band of all time, Black Sabbath last year and we rocked it out mom and daughter style! This pic is of us right before going into the arena July 27, 2013. She's my best friend and the strongest, craziest woman I've ever known and love her deeply. She is rock-n-roll inside and out!

    KBAT Mother's Day 2
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    This woman is my mother, my best friend, a part of me. She has a caring heart, free soul and an open mind. She lets me express myself and is very encouraging. I never walk alone. Instead, she’s beside me, hand in hand, whether it’s at a concert, letting go or just in life in general. Music is what my mother is made of from head to toe. Every note on the music sheet is part of her and the music will never stop. I believe she is the most rockin' mom anyone could ever have. I love you Mum. C

    KBAT Mother's Day 3
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    First of all, my mother has a huge heart and is a very generous person. She's also very hard worker and a very talented makeup artist! She's my hero. She rocks because we both love music!

    Since I was 10, my mother has taken me to 12 live concerts and about half of them I have met the band and gotten autographs and pictures. She showed me a classic vinyl of Nine Inch Nails and now vinyl is the only way I buy my music. My birthday just passed by and the first thing I get is my X-Box One, two weeks early. She is also rocking because she is a hard-core roller derby chick. She has been with the Tall City Roller Bettie's for almost four years. She also tried showing me how to play “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica on guitar even though she's really not that good at least she tried. Also she introduced me to Batman at a very young age of two. Now he's my all-time favorite superhero. She buys me comics and Anime, and pretty much anything I ask for, but I'm not materialistic. She showed me the value of a dollar and lets me earn money by working around the house. I'm 17 now so it's time to start to learning to drive. Just recently, we started driving lessons. She makes me feel very comfortable by not showing that she may or may not be nervous while I attempt to drive around a vacant parking lot and try to park. I love my mom. She's the best whether she wins this contest or not. She'll always be rocking to me! Did I mention she's beautiful? :)

    KBAT Mother's Day 4