With the New Year upon us, we have seen all kinds of recap's concerning the year 2013 but you have got to watch this video of Oderus Urungus of Gwar and his recap of 2013. This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!
 What better way to have a recap of 2013 than with the the front man of Gwar. I mean this dude keeps it real and nobody is safe from his words which is why I still love Gwar.
Gwar is flying a metal flag that has been flown by Alice Cooper, Kiss, Marilyn Manson with their stage show and shock rock. It is so awesome to see a band still throw down on stage the way Gwar does and I wish nothing but the best for them in 2014.
Checkout the video and it is worth the 12 minutes of Gwar main man Oderus Urungus's recap of 2013 right here and this video is not safe for work!